Cup of Know was founded to address the key problems with training and development of individuals, teams and organizations:

  1. It costs too much

  2. It takes too much time

  3. There’s too much material at once

  4. If I can’t use it immediately, it fades away

  5. It’s not flexible to learn what I need, when I need it

  6. Organizations can view it as a cost vs. an investment

Our main objective is to give you access to tools, templates, exercises, etc. that are usually offered in overpriced training or consulting projects which costs thousands of dollars and rarely work.

We also want to create a community of self directed learners who can connect with other like-minded individuals who can share best practices with each other.


Busy individuals who want to learn and grow but never seem to find the time or money. This includes:

  • Individual Team Members

  • Supervisors

  • Managers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Solopreneurs


To democratize personal and professional development. 


Create a thriving global community of self-directed, life-long learners; all for the price of a cup of coffee.


Keep it Simple - Being clear and brief leads to being more effective.

Work Smarter, Not Harder - Time is worth more than money. Relentlessly focus on things that matter and eliminate things that don’t.

Self-Driven Collaboration - Decide what intentional success looks like and work with others that have similar desires to achieve results together.

Fun - Because work should be filled with smiles and laughter

Search for Bright Spots - Find something good in every experience, in every encounter

Daily Progress - Be better today than you were yesterday.

Small ‘Nuggets” of Content, Briefly Explained, Used by Individuals in an Interactive Community

Small ‘Nuggets” of Content, Briefly Explained, Used by Individuals in an Interactive Community


Access to a large inventory of downloadable tools, templates, exercises and methodologies. New inventory items are being added every week.

You get to decide what you need to learn, when you need to learn it over a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat for lunch or dinner.

Each inventory item can be absorbed in less than five minutes and applied immediately. This is critical for learning to stick.

Ability to interact with others in the community to share feedback on the learning tools and best practices from their experiences. This community building helps you and others learn and grow. You can also connect outside of Cup of Know to connect on a deeper level.

For $2.99/year, the return on investment is astronomical! Effectively using only ONE tool alone justifies the expense. Plus, you don’t need approval from your organization to gain access to this inventory. Remember, you are responsible for your development

We’ve priced membership so low because we want EVERYONE around the world to have access to this constantly growing inventory of development tools, regardless of your position or financial situation.

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